Can you make an instrument using the parts or hardware that I already have?

The answer is No. When it comes to hardware, space between heads or bridge can be different from our standards and size. Also, using various electric parts makes it hard to clarify the responsibility in case of a defect.  Also the wood might not be up to grade for musical instruments so all the wood we use here in NOWEAD must be thoroughly inspected by our builder in order to live up to our standards.

  Can you make a replica?

We do not do anything which infringes copyright.

  Can you make an instrument without Logo?

Our logo [NOWEAD] must be shown, and other symbols which represent the customer (name, trade mark, nickname etc.) should be shown as well.  

  Can I check the production process?

For your information, pictures of each production process will be provided.

(shaping – temporary assembly after sanding – after painting – completion)

  Can I order only parts such as body or neck?

Please note that we make a complete product, not parts.

However you can order parts for NOWEAD products that you already have.